Welcome to the New ASPIE Gallery

We made our list. We checked it twice. And the new ASPIE Gallery is finally ready and open for business.

After three years in operation, ASPIE has remodeled its store to create a wonderful space for our artists to showcase their work. The store—actually this very website you are reading—is designed to showcase paintings, photography, woodwork, jewelry, crafts the other work by ASPIE artists.

The mission, as always, is to help artists with disabilities grow more independent. For artists who have cognitive disabilities, which can make full-time employment difficult, ASPIE donations provide supplemental financial help that they can sustain.

An Improved Experience

Of course, that depends the continued enthusiasm of our supporters. ASPIE’s premise is simple: you make a donation and select a piece of art. This redesign was done to make that process even easier. The best way is to see what we have done is simply to page around the site. However, we would like to call out a few of the changes:

  • Better Showcase. The new site is designed to showcase the talent of our artists and the quality of their art. We have created multiple display pages, increased the size of the images and added detailed descriptions.
  • Wish List. When you see artwork that you like, the ASPIE gallery now allows you to save that work to a Wish List you can return to later. Simply click the little heart on artwork you like. This makes shopping for gifts simple.
  • Commision a Work. Is the piece you like out of stock? Or do you have something special in mind? The ASPIE gallery now allows you to contact the artist to see if they have similar work or if they are willing to create something. In many cases, our artists are happy to work with you on a piece.
  • Smoother Transactions. The new site is designed to make donations simple, using whatever method of payment you prefer. Selecting and receiving your artwork is equally simple.
  • Our new ASPIE newsletter lets you know when we have new artwork available and when new artists join the gallery. It happens all the time, and we send out a newsletter about once a week. Want to see the latest stuff? Get on the list.
  • Social Media. When we redesigned the gallery, we redesigned our Twitter and Facebook pages, too. We also added an Instagram account, and have more plans ahead. However you like to stay in touch, we’ll meet you there.

Committed to the Mission

 ASPIE’s goal is to help artists with disabilities show their work and grow more independent. As a nonprofit launched in 2015 to empower adults with cognitive disabilities, we work with artists who have talent, skills and medium- to high-functioning capabilities, many of whom cannot operate well within a typical work environment. The ASPIE gallery is free to our artists.

Yet the gallery is nothing without supporters like you, who make donations and select art several times a year. The ASPIE gallery is a great place to find gifts for Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and birthdays. Your donations (which are tax deductible) provide artists with sustainable supplemental earnings that do not interfere with their government benefits. They also provide them with meaningful work and a tremendous sense of pride.

Together, we can help artists with disabilities grow more self sufficient. We hope you enjoy the new gallery.

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