Create a One-of-a-Kind Art Piece

ASPIE artists now offer commissions, allowing you to create a piece of art that is completely unique, whether for gifts, decor or other projects.

The system is simple: contact ASPIE using the form on this page and arrange to make a donation; explain what type of artwork you would like and choose an artist; and then receive the piece created just for you.

Almost all of ASPIE’s artists are available to do commissioned art and custom work, and several have already done so. ASPIE can supply artwork only or assist in procurement and provide finished products.


Jesse Buckwalter

Jesse Buckwalter is an award-winning photographer in Lancaster PA. He is a young man with Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism. He overcomes many challenges as he continues to develop his talent for composing photographs. 

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Thomas Burnett

Tom has always had a creative spirit, from drawing cartoons, to writing stories, and building creative things from his imagination. However, once he was given an opportunity to learn about woodworking, this soon became his passion!

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Dorrin Gingerich

Dorrin Gingerich was in high school when he was diagnosed with dystonia, a neurological disorder. At 24, he was forced to leave his full time job and that was when his art career began to bloom. He began working in collage and then moved to acrylic on canvas. Dorrin's work is colorful, energetic and completely unique.

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Jonathan Whitlock

Adversity can deal creativity a setback, but seldom stifles it. Jonathan Whitlock grew up with a love of drawing. He started drawing in second grade, and by age 15 he knew art was going to be his calling. He doodled constantly and took it upon himself to study the classic artists, particularly the cubists.

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To commission a piece of art that is all your own, contact us for more information.

    Sample Artwork from our Artists