Kate Manners

Kate Manners primarily creates acrylic pour paintings on canvas, of various sizes. She also makes hand-painted or pour-painted craft bird houses and other craft items, including some seasonal items (e.g., garden steppingstones and Christmas-themed miniature birdhouses).

Kate always had a long-time interest in art and color, stemming from family; her grandmother was an artist and art teacher. She was interested in art as far back as elementary school in particular because of one art teacher and because of the robust art program in her school district in Lancaster, Pa.

Kate has spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, mostly affecting her lower body, so she uses a wheelchair. Her fine motor control is somewhat impaired, and she has low vision. In 2020, Kate’s day program shut down due to the COVID pandemic and so she started painting birdhouses and canvases by hand. That led to other craft items and in 2021 to the pour painting technique, which now dominates her work. Pour painting is the
best way for her to adapt and allows her full creative expression.

Her mother keeps track of requests for new paintings and deadlines and her mother and dad assist Kate in her studio. Dad also helps with delivery and logistics. A range of Kate’s work can be seen on her Instagram page.