Seasons of Fruit Collection 11×14


“Seasons of Fruit” is a set of original oil-on-canvas paintings by Jonathan Whitlock, an artist who makes his home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The works were inspired by the fruit kept in the kitchen by the artist’s mother. Jonathan took photos of the fruit and made sketches before beginning to paint, a necessity because the subjects were always long since eaten by the time he laid brush to canvass! “Seasons of Fruit: Autumn” depicts a group of ripe apples in a woven basket sitting upon a blue tablecloth. “Seasons of Fruit: Summer” depicts a selection of peaches in a woven basket sitting upon a wooden table and against a green background. “Seasons of Fruit: Spring” shows strawberries in a glass bowl, sitting on a table decorated in golden cloth. “Seasons of Fruit: Winter” illustrates a bundle of Clementines spilling over a colorful bowl on a cement counter. All four paintings measure 11 inches by 14 inches and come without a frame.

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Artist Jonathan Whitlock