Glowing Sunset


“Glowing Sunset” is an original photo by Jesse Buckwalter, an award-winning photographer who lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The image depicts a fiery yellow sun against a bright orange sky, descending into a wooded landscape. Jesse loves the red skies at sunset. This photo was taken at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort in Orlando, Florida. The sky seems to be obliging the Disney theme, since it could just as likely have been a photo of an African savannah. It is typical of the images that catch Jesse’s eye as he makes images in Maine, the farmland around central Pennsylvania, and close-ups of animals and flowers in many other locales. “Glowing Sunset” is available as a poster, in 11 inches by 14 inches; 16 inches by 20 inches; or 20 inches by 30 inches.

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Artist Jesse Buckwalter
Glowing Sunset
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