Flowers of Longwood Gardens I

Flowers of Longwood Gardens Collection

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The “Flowers of Longwood Gardens” set contains three original oil-on-canvas paintings by Jonathan Whitlock, an artist who makes his home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Jonathan was inspired by trips to the famous gardens in Pennsylvania’s Brandywine Valley with his mother. “Flowers of Longwood Gardens I” depicts a bundle of flowers in yellow, purple and green, presented as a closeup with impressionist overtones. “Flowers of Longwood Gardens II” is a close-up of a dusty red rose, surrounded by greenery. “Flowers of Longwood Gardens III” is a series of bright yellow blooms set in green. All three works have an impressionistic feel. They measures 11 inches by 14 inches and come in frames.

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Minimum Donation $450.00

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Artist Jonathan Whitlock