Bathroom Collection – Shadowbox, Soap, Candle

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Shadow Box for the bathroom, “Bathroom Rules”

The shape that started it all at Yankee Candle—timeless and ready to deliver classic ambiance. Here’s the perfect size candle for all your go-to fragrances. You’ll get the longest burn out of its 22-oz. size—perfect for dinner parties, lazy Saturdays and a season’s worth of little moments. Each is made in America with premium-grade paraffin of the finest quality ingredients from around the world. And each has the perfect wick type to ensure the very best quality burn. Burn time is 110 to 150 hours.

A tiny white ceramic soap dish featuring a delicate gold leaf design along the edge. It comes with one white round soap wrapped in a green leaf printed design. The ceramic dish measures 2.79″ w x 2.79″ d x 0.55″ h; the soap measures 2.08″ w x 2.08″ d x 0.59″ h

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Bathroom Collection – Shadowbox, Soap, Candle
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