Don’t Puzzle Over Gifts

The artists at ASPIE are always looking for new and creative gifts to offer—and this one is really cool.

Painter Jonathan Whitlock and photographer Jesse Buckwaler are both offering images they have created in puzzle form. That’s right, puzzles. The kind you solve with friends and family. And the images you get when you finish these are completely unique.

Take a look at Jonathan’s piece called Discernment. The original work is massive, measuring six feet long and more than four five feet high.The puzzle comes with 1,000 pieces that fit together easily to create a beautiful 20 x 26-inch likeness. A smaller puzzle is also available.

Similarly, Jesse’s Main Coast and Fiery Sunset images are both now offered in puzzle form. Each puzzle comes with 520 pieces and, when completed, makes an image that measures 16 x 20 inches.

The puzzles, which the artists helped to design, are cut from high-density puzzle board using precision machinery. They come in a sturdy box, with the pictures of the ASPIE art displayed, and a plastic bag to store the pieces.

ASPIE’s mission is to help artists with disabilities become more self sufficient, and every gift you obtain for ASPIE does exactly that. It supplies our artists with much-needed supplemental income, and a great deal of pride.

To help ASPIE artists, take a look at the ASPIE Gallery the next time you need to obtain a gift. And forward to the link to your friends. Together, we can help artists with disabilities grow more independent.