Do You Know an Aspiring ASPIE Artist? Let Us Know!

Greenfield Gazebo

Greenfield Gazebo

If you know an artist with a disability whose work belongs in the ASPIE gallery, help us get to know them.

ASPIE is always looking for new artists to join our community and showcase their work among the painters, photographers, woodworkers, musicians, jewelry makers and others currently exhibiting in the ASPIE gallery.

ASPIE’s goal is to help artists with disabilities grow more self sufficient. Our services are free to artists and donations made through the ASPIE site provide them with supplemental financial assistance. The program has raised thousands of dollars in the last three years. Now, we need your help to get the word out.

Who Are ASPIE Artists?

ASPIE artists are disabled adults who have talent, skills and medium- to high-functioning capabilities. While many have difficulty in a traditional work environment, they are capable of creating quality paintings, jewelry, woodwork, photography and other forms of art and craft.

ASPIE artists live all around the country, from Pennsylvania to Florida, creating their work at their own pace. Their pieces are then displayed on the ASPIE gallery, where supporters can make a donation and receive a piece of artwork in return. The donations provide artists with financial assistance that does not interfere with their government benefits, and gives them a way to participate in their own financial well being.

The result is a scalable, market-driven solution for adult artists with disabilities that increases self sufficiency in a society where social services are shrinking and mainstream job opportunities are few. Participation in the ASPIE gallery also empowers artists, giving them a sense of pride and independence.

 How Do People Become ASPIE Artists?

It all starts with an application, which can be completed right here on the ASPIE site. The application leads to a discussion about whether ASPIE is a good fit for the artist. Many different artists work with our organization. Some are novices and some have had formal gallery exhibits and private sales. Some are just starting out and some have a body of work created over time. In every case, our goal is to find a way to help.

If ASPIE can help, an onboarding process begins that prepares the artist to exhibit in the gallery. This ranges from making an inventory of their work to creating the appropriate bank accounts—we can even arrange affordable, secure and appropriate housing for those capable of more independence. We then launch our artists with an announcement to the ASPIE community and promote their work at every opportunity.

If you know someone who might benefit from exhibiting with ASPIE, please let us know. Together, we can help artists with disabilities grow more self sufficient.