Bundles Help You Find the Right Gifts

We tried something new earlier this month and, judging by the results, you liked it.

In an effort to make it easier to buy gifts at ASPIE, we bundled pieces created by different artists in order to make gift packages. Then, we discounted them. The result was a hit with the ASPIE community, who bought so many that we ran out of stock on some pieces.

So, naturally, we created more discounted bundles.

Bundles allow us to pair artwork from different artists to make more unique and complete gifts. This helps more artists show off their work. And it helps the ASPIE community find better gifts. For example, earlier this month, we paired a tote bag with a blanket to make a great summer beach package. We quickly ran out of stock.

Our mission at ASPIE is to help adult artists with disabilities grow more self sufficient, and gift bundles is just one more way we try to help artists show off their work. Here are some of the new bundles we have to offer:

  • Heart-Shaped Jewelry Box and Gemstone Earrings. This heart-shaped box is hand-made by ASPIE artist Thomas Burnett, who works in wood at his home in Florida. It’s a perfect gift for someone special. We coupled it with a colorful pair of earrings to make a fun and complete gift.
  • Sliding Jewelry Box With Tiger Eye Necklace. The sliding box, also hand-made by Thomas, comes in a two-tone finish. We paired it with a heart-shaped necklace made of Tiger Eye quartz—extremely unique.
  • Seasons of Fruit Collection. Here’s a collection of oil paintings from one of ASPIE’s most successful artists, fresh from his two-month solo show at Gallery One in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Seasons of Fruit is a colorful and creative collection, inspired by the fruit in Jonathan’s own kitchen and created from sketches (the fruit is long eaten by the time Jonathan puts brush to canvass). It’s a gift that makes a grand gesture.

ASPIE allows you to give artistic gifts that also do social good. That means your money works harder. So take a look at the bundles, and visit the ASPIE Gallery for new and unique artwork. (If you haven’t seen our latest artist, Dorrin Gingerich, his work is a treat.)

Of course, we’ll have new bundles, collections and gift packages coming as we head toward the holiday gift-giving season. As always, we appreciate everything you do for ASPIE.