ASPIE Welcomes Artist Dorrin Gingerich

From collage to acrylic paint, Pennsylvania artist has a style all his own

Aug. 30, 2019—ASPIE is proud to welcome its newest artist Dorrin Gingerich, a painter from Pennsylvania whose modern work ranges from collages to acrylic on canvas.

Dorrin’s pieces are filled with energy, color and modern themes, and he is never afraid to take advantage of the happy coincidence when working with paint. After promoting his work on Facebook and Instagram, Dorrin is joining ASPIE to become part of the community of artists with disabilities who display their work in the ASPIE Gallery.

“Dorrin’s work is totally unique and he will be a great addition to our community,” said Jerry Buckwalter, CEO and co-founder of ASPIE. “When you look at pieces like Active Forest II and Darkness Conspires, it becomes clear just how talented he is. We are very glad to have Dorrin onboard.”

Dorrin put it simply: “I’m very excited to be working with ASPIE.”

Dorrin grew up in Indiana and moved to Pennsylvania in 2008. When he was a senior in high school, he was diagnosed with an incurable neurological movement disorder called Dystonia, which is marked by involuntary muscle movements and spasms throughout his body that can sometimes be violent. He keeps them in check with medication and physical therapy.

At 24, Dorrin was forced to quit his job. With a longtime interest in art, and having taken some art classes in school, he began creating comic book collages as a creative outlet and soon moved to painting as his primary medium. He takes inspiration from the world around him and enjoys experimenting with effects and texture.

ASPIE’s mission is to help adult artists with disabilities display their work and become more self sufficient, and the organization is growing. Dorrin is one of three new artists joining ASPIE this year as part of the ASPIE Ambassador program, in which donors contribute to offset the cost of bringing new artists into the community.

To find out more about Dorrin Gingerich’s work or about ASPIE, visit the ASPIE gallery at or contact [email protected].

About ASPIE. ASPIE is a nonprofit launched in 2015 to empower adults with cognitive disabilities to become more self-sufficient. We provide special-needs artists with an online gallery to display their work, which includes premium-quality paintings, photography, jewelry and other forms of art and craft. ASPIE artists are disabled adults who have talent and skills and medium- to high-functioning capabilities, yet cannot operate well within a typical work environment. Donations to ASPIE provide artists with sustainable supplemental earnings that do not interfere with their government benefits. The ASPIE gallery is free to our artists.