ASPIE Launches Search for New Artists

Gallery for Artists With Disabilities Seeks Fresh Voices and Talent

CONTACT: Jerry Buckwalter at [email protected].

January 22, 2019 – ASPIE, a nonprofit that helps artists with disabilities grow more self sufficient, is recruiting new artists to exhibit in the ASPIE gallery.

ASPIE’s premise is simple: visitors to the online gallery make a donation and select a piece of art. The gallery is designed to showcase paintings, photography, woodwork, jewelry, crafts the other work by artists with disabilities, and the donations provide them with supplemental financial assistance.

Artists exhibiting in the ASPIE gallery have collectively earned thousands of dollars since the organization launched in 2015. Now, with a redesigned gallery launched in the new year, ASPIE is hoping to provide help to a larger group of artists.

“We are eager to work with new people,” said Jerry Buckwalter, the founder and CEO of ASPIE. “We have a program here that is working. The artists are creating wonderful work. Visitors to the site are donating. Now, we want the whole thing to grow.”

ASPIE offers premium-quality artwork. Many artists have won awards, held showings and made private sales. The ASPIE gallery, which is free to artists, offers a way for them to show their work more broadly. Artists can find information about the program on the ASPIE website and fill out an application right on the site.

To learn more about ASPIE, visit the gallery at or contact [email protected].

About ASPIE. ASPIE is a nonprofit launched in 2015 to empower adults with cognitive disabilities to become more self-sufficient. We provide special-needs artists with an online gallery to display their work, which includes premium-quality forms of art and craft. ASPIE artists are disabled adults who have talent and skills and medium- to high-functioning capabilities, yet cannot operate well within a typical work environment. Donations to ASPIE provide artists with sustainable supplemental earnings that do not interfere with their government benefits. The ASPIE gallery is free to our artists.