ASPIE Launches Ambassador Program

ASPIE Ambassadors help artists get off the waiting list and show their work 

CONTACT: Jerry Buckwalter at [email protected].

February 22, 2019—ASPIE, a nonprofit that helps artists with disabilities grow more self sufficient, is proud to launch the ASPIE Ambassador Program, which is designed to allow more artists to showcase their work.

ASPIE helps artists display their work in the online ASPIE Gallery, which collects donations and provides a sustainable source of supplemental income. The Gallery is available to artists at no charge. However, it takes funding to purchase art supplies, arrange for caregivers, establish a special ABLE savings account and take other necessary steps to launch an artist.

ASPIE ambassadors donate funds to cover these expenses—the cost is just $300—and sponsor an artist to go live. That simple act can move an artist from the waiting list to showing their work to the world.

“ASPIE ambassadors can make a huge difference,” said Jerry Buckwalter, the founder and CEO of ASPIE. “Getting an artist in the gallery has impact. They take a great deal of pride in their work. The ability to share that work is life changing.”

The program was created by Diane Michael of Callan Group Communications, who learned about ASPIE through a friend, conceived of the program and then became the inaugural donor.

“Our mission is to help artists with disabilities showcase their work, and they can do that with just a little support,” Buckwalter said. “This program provides exactly that.”

To find out more about ASPIE and the Ambassador program, visit the gallery at or contact [email protected].


About ASPIE. ASPIE is a nonprofit launched in 2015 to empower adults with cognitive disabilities to become more self-sufficient. We provide special-needs artists with an online gallery to display their work, which includes premium-quality forms of art and craft. ASPIE artists are disabled adults who have talent and skills and medium- to high-functioning capabilities, yet cannot operate well within a typical work environment. Donations to ASPIE provide artists with sustainable supplemental earnings that do not interfere with their government benefits. The ASPIE gallery is free to our artists.