ASPIE Launches Ambassador Program, Thanks to ‘Digital Di’

Village of Peggy’s Cove
Village of Peggy’s Cove

We at ASPIE got a great Valentine’s Day gift this year. Diane Michael of Callan Group Communications, created the ASPIE Ambassador Program—and then she became its inaugural donor.

The ASPIE Ambassador Program is simple in approach but powerful in action. The goal is to eliminate some of the barriers to launching new artists on the ASPIE Gallery.

ASPIE is always looking for new artists to display their work, but it takes effort to get a new artist started. Art supplies must be purchased, caregivers must be arranged, special ABLE savings accounts must be established and many other needs must be addressed, all free of charge to the artist. The result is that there is a waiting list.

ASPIE Ambassadors donate money to cover these expenses—the cost is just $300—and sponsor an artist to go live.

The impact can be enormous. ASPIE artists take a great deal of pride in their work and displaying in the Gallery, where they can show their work to the world and derive an supplemental income, can be life changing.

Our mission is to help artists with disabilities grow more self sufficient and that means showing their work. The ASPIE Ambassador Program allows us to move people into the gallery more quickly. But we need your help.

The ASPIE Ambassador Program depends on generous people like Diane, who can step forward and sponsor an artist. We all know people who can help. Can you help us get the word out and reach them? For less than the cost of taking a family to a major-league game, we can put an artist with disabilities on the path to a profession.

Check out the ASPIE Ambassador Program and share it with your friends. Together, we can help artists with disabilities gain more independence.