ASPIE Gallery Opens in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster has become known for its art scene and galleries. Who would have thought that a new gallery with a different twist would emerge in the southern suburbs!

ASPIE is a nonprofit organization creating supplemental income for adult artisans with disabilities. We serve a wide range of those  who have disabilities such as Autism, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Dystonia, Cerebral Palsy, and other disabilities, but have creative talent and skills.

ASPIE helps these artisans generate income through donations for their original artwork using our online gallery, And now, we opened a new gallery. Our grand opening was on June 9 th to 11 th at 1905 Barton Drive, Lancaster, where we featured ten artists, five from Lancaster County.

Sixty-five people attended our weekend opening, and forty-six pieces of art were taken home by donors – everything from paintings, photographic prints, metal sculptures, wooden toys, to artistic note cards.

Our five Lancaster artists each spent some time at the gallery, interacting with the attendees, making it an enjoyable weekend. See their artwork for yourself – either on our website or at the gallery. The gallery will be open by appointment only (call 207-412-8090) until we host another weekend event in the fall.