ASPIE Artists Create and Inspire Despite Covid

Living with a disability is hard enough, but when your entire support system is disrupted as it has been for the last 14 months by Covid, then life becomes agonizingly difficult.

This is exactly what happened to our ASPIE Artists community. Some of our community have been in lock down since last March with little interaction with their family and friends. Others have had a less severe experience, but nonetheless struggle to keep positive and productive. Those that have continued to create despite Covid are an inspiration to us all.

Jonathan Whitlock is one such artist. He was an aspiring art student in June 1999 when his life was upended by a car accident that left him in a coma for 5 months, blind in one eye, and unable to walk. Johnathan’s recovery was long and hard, and it was his art that inspired him to keep going. A fan of classical artists, particularly cubists, some of his work displays nods to Picasso and Mondrian. Jonathan has continued to create during the pandemic, and produce several outstanding one-of-a-kind pieces of art. ASPIE is proud to showcase his exceptional work.

Dorrin Gingrich is another notable ASPIE Artist that has demonstrated formidable perseverance during Covid. Like Johnathan, Dorrin has continued to create and produce notable new artwork. Dorrin has an original style. He began experimenting with comic book collages and the medium of acrylic painting to produce wonderful and unique pieces of art.


Dorrin was diagnosed in high school with an incurable neurological movement disorder called Dystonia which caused uncontrollable spasms and tremors. He turned to art to fill his days and give purpose to his life, and has developed into an exceptional artist.

Disabled or not, Dorrin Gingrich and Johnathan Whitlock are two of my favorite artists, and I proudly display several pieces of their art in my home.

I hope you’ll visit to see their latest work, and learn more about other Aspie Artists. Aspie Art is available to the public through donations at our website, and makes for great gifts! Donations are greatly appreciated!

By Christopher Long
CEO, Washington Resource Associates, and
ASPIE Board of Directors