Thomas Burnett

Tom has always had a creative spirit, from drawing cartoons, to writing stories, and building creative things from his imagination. However, once he was given an opportunity to learn about woodworking, this soon became his passion!

Tom started out making unique old fashion wooden toys for children. He gave much thought to the finished product and his toys turned out to be cute and fun to play with. Also, the paints and finishes he uses are not only bright and colorful but are safe for children.

Throughout the years, Tom honed his skills and now makes other products such as: pepper mills, jewelry boxes, and Christmas wreaths made of wood. With the use of his imagination and skills, the possibilities are endless. Check back often to see what new wooden marvels he has come up with.

Tom was born in Chicago, Illinois and now lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida. His disability is profound hearing loss and Asperger’s Syndrome. Yet as hard as life has been for him, Tom always manages to keep a great sense of humor and understanding about life.