Born with cerebral palsy led to an uphill battle with limited mobility. Steven Georges had many surgeries to aid in his body’s uneven growth of muscles, bones, and tendons. With the help of a wheelchair, crutches, and physical therapy he was able to improve.

Steven had visons of what he might be able to turn different metal shapes into and practiced over the years. slowly developing his craft. He learned how to weld years ago making different adaptive equipment like grab bars and custom furniture to help himself every day.

Now, Steven also strives to make inorganic metal forms into “organic” works of art by seeing the vision of beauty in what once was thrown away. One’s own unique visual perspective makes the materials in his work appear to have additional dimensions. He designs and sculpts metal art from recycled steel.

His pieces are primarily inspired by animal and plant life but also include unique wine bottle racks, classic car part lamps, furniture, replicas of heavy machinery (such as tractors and bulldozers), spacecraft replicas, and garden ornaments.

Steven has different friends or support helpers who assist him with transporting his artwork. Most art pieces are smaller than 12 inches, but some are several feet tall.