Keven McCament

Despite physical limitations, Keven McCament continues to pursue what he loves. He was given very little chance of survival due to complications during his premature birth, living in the hospital for nearly two months of his life. He has survived and is thriving, but he has cerebral palsy and is unable to do many things independently. However, he paints with diligence. Keven cannot paint any two pictures that are alike due to his weak motor skills and poor vision. What he does incredibly well, is creative thinking. He knows what colors go well together, and he can create paintings without planning them out.

From his home in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, after allowing caregivers to put his choice of color paint on his canvas and placing the brush in his one useful hand, Keven happily begins painting. He paints abstract pictures that speak. Look to see what you can see and your heart can hear. Within his creations, the viewer can find many hidden treasures. From dolphins, to bears, to birds and more; if you look closely you can find a gem!

Keven has a buddy – his service dog Star. She is trained to pick up what he drops. Star then places the retrieved item on his lap or tray. Proceeds from his hobby help him purchase more art supplies and vet care as needed. He is delighted when someone requests his paintings. Keven desires to give hope. Physical limitations do not hinder him or the quality of his life. He is an inspiration to those who know him.