Annette Whitlock

Annette is the mother of ASPIE artist Jonathan Whitlock and author of The Long Run — My Son’s Inspired Journey Through Traumatic Brain Injury.  Before Jonathan’s car accident in 1999, she was a full-time mother of four and a part-time music teacher.  After the accident, she discovered a new world of opportunity in the disability and artistic community.  She began by volunteering as the chorus director at Adult Enrichment, a division of United Disabilities Services (UDS) in Lancaster, PA.  She was then hired as a program aide, teaching various classes at this day program for seven years.  Annette then served on the UDS Development Committee and as their volunteer coordinator until going back to volunteer as the chorus director.

As Jonathan’s mother and art manager, “momager,” Annette has also worked with the thriving art community and galleries in Lancaster, PA. Long before becoming an ASPIE board member, she was an active promoter of the ASPIE initiative as a unique value for any adult with challenges who has an artistic or craft talent.